IMG 3836Hi everybody,

this website is dedicated to internal communication within FICS. You have to create an account to have a glance at it. To be registered you also need to be an identifiable member of FICS; make sure to use your real name and address. The best way is to enter "firstname.name" under the "Name" required field, it will be easier for the administrator to activate your account (please forgive us for the potential delay necessary to make sure we will not have any unwanted guest). Once you are registered you'll be able to create articles that will be evaluated and finally published.

Purpose of the "comfics" websitemécanisme

the intent of our internal communication tool is that everyone in the FICS family knows what's going on in "real time", be it at the level of the ExCo, the commissions (annual and quarterly reports), the regions (annual mécanismereports), the NCSCs, the members (Memb.' News) or at sport events where FICS is present. To serve this purpose, it is important that a few lines be proposed (and sent as an article) after each meeting, teleconference, sport event, etc... If this is done regularly our website will reflect the exciting energy and achievements FICS is currently demonstrating.mécanisme