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Accredited Sports Chiropractic Schools

In order to undertake the International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ISCS) with FICS you are required to be a graduate of an accredited chiropractic program or be in your final year of study. 

Click here to view the accredited chiropractic program which FICS accept.

Education ICSC Program

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Information about the Program 

The below information will provide you with the foundation information about the program and what is involved.  

Please note that we are not taking any new enrollments into the ICCSP program. All new registrations will start the ICSC Program as this is the newer version.
If you have already started the ICCSP program you will have the next six months to finish however we encourage you to make the transition to the ICSC program asap. Contact 

One of FICS primary objectives is promoting excellence in postgraduate education and practice in sports chiropractic worldwide, in part through the development of postgraduate sports chiropractic programs. 

FICS's aim is to set an appropriate minimum standard in theoretical and practical sports chiropractic education for chiropractors wanting to develop special competence in the field of sports chiropractic and to be qualified to serve on FICS teams, or teams selected with assistance from FICS, at international events.

The International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) program produces a well-rounded individual chiropractor that is qualified to work at sporting events throughout the world. Furthermore, it is the minimum qualification required to be part of a FICS chiropractic delegation at regional sporting events, international events such as the regional and world championships, the World Games or the Olympic Games.

It is mandatory to have an ICSC and be a member of FICS to be selected for a FICS team. This is necessary to assure the games organizers and the athletes that all doctors on the team are properly qualified and experienced, and to promote the professionalism and future of sports chiropractic. This is what differentiates FICS members from other attending professionals.

The ICSC program is a postgraduate certification program that is a combination of distance learning via an electronic learning system (eLS) and two-weekend seminars (hand-on modules). The faculty for the seminars consists of internationally prominent sports chiropractors with extensive experience in treating athletes at international sporting events. More information download the ICSC Information manual


When you access the eLS portal through you will be presented with a login/registration page. Please register yourself in the system so you are identified in the database. You will then be able to register for the ICSC course. 

Once you have registered and paid for the course you will receive an e-mail with the web address for the eLS, a login, and password, within 48 business hours at which time you will be able to start the course.

FICS Members - Online Portion (eLS) Fee only:                    US$ 2000.00 - until 30 September 2019
FICS Members - Online Portion (eLS) Fee only:                    US$ 2500.00 - Starting 1 October 2019

Non-Members Online Portion (eLS) Fee only:                       **Non-FICS Member  US$ 3500.00
To become an individual member with FICS the cost is $125 US.
**To apply fill in the application form and return this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upper Extremity Hands-on:                                                        Additional cost and pending on the location
Lower Extremity Hands-on:                                                        Additional cost and pending on the location
Student grading administrative fee and Diploma Certificate:     US$ 199.00


Why is there a price increase from 1 October for FICS Members:

The price increase is representative of the newly designed program and lends itself to the improved quality and current information in the ICSC program.  FICS has made efforts to keep our costs at an affordable rate while limiting annual increases.  It is not uncommon to see tuition costs increase at rates of 2%-10% per year  (  FICS has not increased the price of the e-learning courses since 2010 and this 25% increase falls in that lower range (2.5% per year). FICS wants to provide the highest quality and most current sports chiropractic information to our members and train high-quality doctors

Do I need a textbook?
The required textbook for the eLS is no longer required. All the updated information is built into the current e-learning on the ICSC eLS site. 

**If you want to become a member of FICS so that I can attend the seminars at a reduced fee. Where can I find more information on this?
Please go to our “Membership” webpage for more information on how to become a member of FICS. Consider joining your local NCSC to join as a member for the cost of $30 US. You can also join FICS as an individual member for $125 US. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a membership application.

Note: All amounts will be processed in US Dollars equivalence based on the day's exchange rate of the day. FICS is not responsible for international or bank fees charged to your account as a result of these transactions.

For more information about transferring to the new education program, email FICS administrative office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will undertake an individual assessment of where you are up to and let you know what is needed to complete.  More information can be found here. 

Education Credits: 

Please refer to your local association as FICS has no jurisdiction over issuing of credits

Frequently asked questions regarding the ICSC Program - Information Manual

Do I need an ICCSP or ICSC to participate on a FICS sports chiropractic team at an international event?
Yes, you need to have an ICCSP or an ICSC and be a member of FICS to be selected for a FICS team. This is necessary to assure the games organizers and the athletes that all doctors on the team are properly qualified and experienced, and to promote the professionalism and future of sports chiropractic.

My current chiropractic qualification is an MSc as part of my chiropractic education. Will this Masters degree that gives me an advanced standing for an ICSC?
No, the Master's degree is meant to be different from and in addition to the one you received as part of your chiropractic qualification.

I would like to know how I can use my CCSP/DACBSP/FRCCSS (Canada)/Masters Degree etc. to get advanced standing for an ICSC. How do I do this?
You can find all the information you require in the information manual.

I am a chiropractor from an unaccredited school. Can I obtain the ICCSP?
Only graduates from accredited schools can enter our program and obtain the ICSC. Schools that are candidates pending accreditation cannot enter our program either.

Why can I not use my clinical experience as part of the out-of-clinic experience requirement?
ICSC chiropractors are meant to be able to work on the field and at international events where imaging and the paraclinical support may not be available. Also, the ICSC chiropractors may not have access to instrumental assisted treatment including the chiropractic table hence the need for out-office-experience.

I am not a chiropractor. Can I attend your seminars (without getting the certificate)?
Unfortunately, you have to be a licensed chiropractor or a final year chiropractic student from an accredited chiropractic school to participate at our hands-on seminars.

To finish the ICSC when does the online portion need to be completed by?
We require the full program (including the eLS) to be completed within three years. Note that the passing mark for the quizzes and sectional exams is 80%. If you attain less than 80% in any of the quizzes or sectional exams, you may re-take the failed quizzes/sectional exams after 7 days has elapsed from your first attempt.

Why must the ICSC be completed within three years?
It is essential that our students receive contemporary knowledge on volatile information such as knowledge on traumatic brain injuries, etc. which is why the educational program needs to be finished within three years. Besides the rather few requirements needed to obtain the ICSC the three years gives you plenty of time to finish the education program.

How do most chiropractors complete an ICSC?
There is no right way of completing the ICSC and you may choose whichever order you find best. It is common that the completion of ICSC may take up to three years.

Where can I find information on the coming ICSC hands-on seminars?
Details regarding the coming hands-on seminars can be found on our homepage as soon as we have the information or contact our office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Seminars will only be listed on the seminar page once the event is locked in. 

How much does each seminar cost?
The seminar fees vary depending on the location. If you become a member of FICS you can enrol our seminars at a reduced fee.

I have paid for attending one of the seminars, but I have to leave early before the seminar finishes. Can I still get my certificate?
Only participants that have completed the whole seminar will receive a certificate. You, therefore, have to be there from start to finish in order to get your certificate. If this is not possible you will have to take the same seminar at another time to get your certificate towards your ICSC. Please note that the full program has to be completed within three years.